Cool Kids Awake All Night
Cool Kids Awake All Night is a Social Media profile across several platforms. In this continual online poetics project, I am posting text art pieces that straddle the line between the literary and the meme.
“This is a theater. Or, my bedroom. Or a theater...
“This is a theater. Or, my bedroom. Or a theater. Can’t tell.” - JillWrites The title of this in-studio installation is taken from a piece of text art displayed within.
I will give all the candy to you. You will think...
“I will give all the candy to you. You will think it is poison.” This artist’s studio installation combines a DIY indie theater aesthetic with Sanrio “Little Twin Stars” fan art.
The Internet Is A Mythological Field... (Art Book)
The Internet Is A Mythological Field & Other Writings: An Art Book in a Craft Box (2012-2015) This art book presented as a collection of objects and unbound printouts in a craft box brings together writing, photography, and untold narrative with its unlabeled collection of items the viewer-reader finds within.
Social Media Brosephine
Social Media Brosephine is an online and IRL character who performs, directs, writes comedy, and performs within social media platforms. This project set includes photography, writing, digital content, and performance generated by and depicting the character & her work.
“angels’ dares” (online fiction & page-based erasure)
Post-Punk Post-Matrix-Litany of Aphorisms by JillWrites
(2012-) This piece of writing was originally written in real time directly into Twitter. The content was later also additionally utilized in varying contexts including lyric essay and gallery installation (The School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s 2014 MFA Exhibition). Included in a longer piece of writing, this list of aphorisms was published in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Writing Department’s Graduating Class Anthology “Collected”, “Maps”. That experimental essay was published in Best American Experimental Writing (2014). The work has run its course for now, but may be used again in future endeavors.
Framed with Recycle
Summer 2016: Daily Photos
2017: Jan-Sept Daily iPhone Self-Portraits
the damnhellbathroom self-portrait
iPhone Digital Art Self-Portraits
This collection of photography includes digital art self-portraits that were shot and then processed and/or collaged solely on iPhones. (2012- Present)
JillWrites: Tactical Self-Portrait Comedian
This collection of photographs includes self-portraits and stills from performances since 2009. My regular art practice encompasses character work: improvising performance; working with costumes, gesture, voice, & props; gestating characters within the self-portrait photography shoot practice. Work is also shot on iPhone video for YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Twitter.
Text-Based Social Media Art
Collection of text art made on the iPhone (many in the Mood app), and shared across my social media.
@jillwrites: toward an online aesthetic of self
@jillwrites: toward an online aesthetic of self
Black & White Photography
Painting, Sculpture, & Objects: Exhibited Work
Renoir-inspired Paper Dress Sculpture
Social Media Art @
iPhone Photography
Paintings (2008 - 2011)
Paintings (2012 - 2014)
Faux Instant Photography
utilizing Instant Photographs
Computer Glitch Art
365 Days Self-Portrait Project (9/1/2006. - 8/31/2007)
2013: Jan - Mid-Sept Daily iPhone Self-Portraits
2012: 4 Months Of Daily Self-Portrait iPhoneography
iPhone Screenshot Art
iPhone Glitch Art
Screenshots of iPhone glitches, including upload malfunctions that result in online social media glitch arts (like twelve posts of the same text art)—upload-glitch art.
Early In-computer Self-Portraits
developing lexicon of glyphs & graphics
what spinning yin-yang is this. #socialmediaplay
with text art
Backwards Hats & Mini-Skirts
This performance-in-photography self-portrait wears hats backwards and/or wears mini-skirts. This Social Media Art series places the forty-something sexual subject within the context of the everyday mixed-generation internet on Instagram & Twitter. It utilizes teenage fashion tropes to engender desire and social intrigue. It’s about the return of adolescent and then dirty30 desire in the 40s.
Through The Subway Window: Bergen Street (3/20/2010)
This photography installation was exhibited in the visual art group show accompanying “Noise Carousel”, a group sound installation curated by Patrick Grenier at Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art (Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island, NY, USA). (Photo prints, string, clothespins, thumbtacks. 2011.) The photography shown is a series that consists of 9 consecutive shutter clicks that were taken in a 35 second time frame through the window of a moving subway. They are hung on a musical staff made of craft string. Their spacing is not equidistant—but rather, it is spaced to give expression to the staggered nature of the seconds passing between the shutter clicks. The letters on the musical staff, rather than the expected G and F clefs, are actually the artist’s initials— J & W, for JillWrites.
Artist’s Studio Installation DIY/ Maker Culture Text Art Performative Research Street Art Techniques Indie Theater Techniques Fractured Narrative
Sicolab Float
Photo Diptychs
Early Cameraphone Photography
This collection of photographs are shot with early mobile phone technology (Motorola & T-Mobile phones in 2006-7).
Selective Color Photography
Color Photography
High Rock Park (2008)
This set was shown in a solo exhibition at the Greenbelt Nature Center in Staten Island, New York, in 2009. A photo from the series remains in the Greenbelt Nature Center's collection.
Monochrome Photography
Studio Installation Practice
This set documents temporary installations and details from my studio practice during my time completing my Master of Fine Arts in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Rather than utilize the space as a neutral workroom, I maintained a fluid practice of mural art; mixed media gallery; sculpture development; object arrangements; and (temporary) full installations.
Analog-to-iPhoneography Travels
Ongoing collection of digital art photography created by scanning/photographing decades-old travel snapshots and re-processing them utilizing digital technologies, primarily iPhone apps. The series may also be seen on my Flickr ( and on my photography homepage.
Object // Artifact // Material/(s) // Props is a Social Media Art project by JillWrites. A temporary daily project. ...each photo features items from my life that correspond to one or more of those categorizations. Catalog narrative archive are some of my concerns in choosing the items & sharing text to accompany them.
Photography on Printer Paper with Frames
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